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Welcome to the Ewin Family Web Site

The purpose of this site is to provide a platform to inform members of the Ewin family around the globe about one another and be able to link our family trees with other Ewin's and eventually trace our branch of the family from Ireland back to Scotland.

We have traced our family roots back to James Ewin, Sr., son of William and Mary Ewing. James Ewin, who dropped the "g", while still living in Ireland, was born in Drumcliff, Co. Sligo, Ireland about 1770 and married Deborah Dixon (or Dickson), the daughter of John William Dickson (or Dixon) and Margaret Baird, in Kinlough, Co. Leitrim or Finner near Bundoran, Co. Donegal about 1798. They immigrated to the United States and both died in New York, New York County (now Manhattan) on the same day, August 23 1831.

James Ewin, Sr. fathered nine children, all born in Ballor in the townland of Tawley, Co. Leitrim, Ireland between 1799 and 1819, before departing Ireland around 1820. Our particular branch of the family is decended from his son John Ewin and Margaret Moorhead of Banelly County, Tyrons, Ireland, who eventually settled in the Baltimore, MD - Laurel, MD - Washington D.C area.

If you think you are linked with our branch of the Ewin family, please contact John Ewin.

This site is currently under development and will be updated as time allows.